Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Evolution of Humans & Prehistoric Epic Ramayana

Prehistoric Event of Ramayana - Atleast 1.8 Milion Years.
Stricking ways how Ancients showed the Modern people on Forces Of Universe which current day Scientists are wondering about the Universe!.
That God in the form of Man came down to show the virtue of how Human should conduct and behave. It was Lord Rama in advent manifestation along with all the natural forces of the universe in the Tretha Yuga(2nd among 4 time spans of universe). Universal Natural forces like Mysterious " Dark Energy " which makes 75% of the Universe had manifested in human form as Lord Rama, Nature's -Wind took form of Humanam, Nature's Evolutionary Design Life force came down as Bharatha-Lord Own Brother(Sanghu-Conch), The milky way galaxy which is in form of Chakra - Mighty Disc took human form as Younger brother Satrugna, The mighty Solar Sun came down as Sugreeva and the Geo Electromagnetic Force took form of Vaali(Indra) and so on. So called "Modern" Science of the present day human begin is still trying to understand these Natural forces and they have been searching externally while the Ancient Seers of this part of world have comprehended and has left us vast knowledge, heritage monuments(like Rama Sethu) and temples to help the human being to realise the universe's Nature. They wanted us to learn the Love universe radiates and showed ways attain the blisfull state of union with natural forces. During the advent of Dark Energy/Lord Rama, It's the " Dark Matter "/Pure Love which the form of Seetha, Wife of Rama.
Like all epic of ancient India(Bharatha) continent, Srimad Ramayana is a epic which has to be researched for such universal concepts which unifies different facts of nature.
Dark Matter/Dark Energy of our universe has been so Mysterious not only for current day scientists but also for al the ancient seers and sages of Continent Bharatha(India). Now this Bharatha became a Sub continent merging with Jumbu(Asia). Leading to Rise of Mighty Himalayaas and this whole movement of the continent was engineered by the King Baagiratha to bring down everlasting water sources to Current day India and south east asia.
These are very Pre Historic Events and showcasing the determination of such people. These Prehistoric events described in Valmiki Ramayana or other Puranas(Pre Historic History) like moving of Indian(Bharatha Continent) land mass, Constructing Bridge by Natural forces in human/monkey form go closely with modern day scientist findings. Like We all know Humans came from Monkeys and this is exactly reflected in prehistoric Ramayana narrating the intellectual evolution of Homosapiens from intellectual Monkeys, The Ramayana intellectual monkeys were nothing but the 33 crores(330 million) forces of energy form of natures in our universe. From Agni deva or Heat energy(Lowest form in Thermodynamics energy transformation principles) to Lord Indra - GeoElectricity(Comparatively higher form) to Highest form of Dark Energy(which is a Puzzele to many Scientists, which can be felt and never be explained off :) )
Further The Prehistoric epics like Ramayana describes the ages of Jurassic Park Dinosaurs and descends as semi evolved after the mighty catastrophe wiping away the massive Dinosaurs population. Those survived semi intellectually evolved creatures survived until 1.8 million years and King of Lanka Vibhishana, Brother of Ravana, had to fight with these less intellectually evolved Dinosaurs to protect the human civilisation, which is described in Vamiki Ramayana.
Currently age according to Kali yuga(Span of 432000 yrs) progression is 5108th year. Georgian calendar starts 3000 years later and we count today at 2007 AD, Christians Believe world was created 5000 years ago and it is partially right, Last Age ended at 5000 years ago and this world recovered from the deluge of Dwapara yuga and it was altogether creation once again. However nature choose to protect many people from Dwapara yuga to come into Kaliyuga, for that the ever lasting cycle of birth/death and in-between enjoyment should continues as it has been ALWAYS. Kaliyuga was preceded by Dwapara yuga(Span of 864000 years) which was preceded by Treta Yuga(span of 1296000) during which Advent of Dark Energy / Lord Rama Happened. !!!!!!By simple calculations the construction of Bridge (Rama Sethu) to Lanka was some time before 1869100 years. At least 1.8 million years its been since the Bridging of Lanka with India by the natural forces of universe in human form !!!!!!!
Our Prehistoric EPICS are Treasure for the world capturing the advances of ancient humans and their connected living with Nature's forces. Many such People living in india has been surviving continuously thought-out there has been serious catastrophes of ancient times and passed on the knowledge/Artefacts/ monuments etc. to the modern day human civilisation, for us to learn, protect and pass it down to the civilisation that is yet to come.
Our prehistoric text has been a bigger research tool for westerners always!, to find new technology and dominate the world. While knowing all technologies far beyond what we know, Lord Rama Dominated and ruled the seven continents of world with technology of LOVE. And in memory of Lord Rama there are artefacts across the world.


Anonymous said...

Isn't 1869100 years is 1.8 million years and not 18 million years.. am I missing something..

Yogaesh said...

Wonderful analysis and explanation... But I fail to get a few correlations here...

1. What is 'dark energy' and how does it differ from energy?

2. Do you mean to say that the combination of various forces resulting in evolution of human race is what is being portrayed as Rama bing Vishnu's amsa and Hanuman being Rushra amsa and so on?

3. Rama is not named as the first human in the world... How would you explain those human lives created before Rama?


Harish Karthikeyan said...

Please excuse me for my ignorance...I read this article and it gave me a very different perspective of Ramayana" altogether. But what I fail to uderstand is your repeated use of the words "dark energy" where ever you mentioned the name of Lord Rama...it would be much appreciated if you explain...

۞ जयरामकृष्णन्हरी۞ ஜெயசத்குரு۞ ராதேகிருஷ்ணா said...

To understand what dark energy means we go to understand why NASA is spending Billions of dollors to find it. Dark Energy is the supreme force of the universe which makes the universe to expand. Whole of universe constitutes of 75% of Dark Energy.

۞ जयरामकृष्णन्हरी۞ ஜெயசத்குரு۞ ராதேகிருஷ்ணா said...

For the question...Rama is not named as the first human in the world... How would you explain those human lives created before Rama?

Rama is the manifestation of the Greatest force of the universe as perfect man. All through the history we cannot find such quality, charactar and standard.

Harish Karthikeyan said...

Thanks for the reply, and it is nice to know that NASA is spending millions of dollars to find out more about the "dark energy". And when such energy, which as you consider as "supreme force" or the energy that gets the universe to expand and if it is so...why term it "dark energy". "Dark" is associated with something bad, or impure...can't we just use an other term or is there more to it...that I don't understand. Please do shed some light if you can.
......and I presume, the "dark energy" that you speak about and the "black hole" are two different aspects...or are they one and the same.


Harish Karthikeyan.

۞ जयरामकृष्णन्हरी۞ ஜெயசத்குரு۞ ராதேகிருஷ்ணா said...

Well that what the Westerners Named the Huge Potential Energy as Dark Energy, which we call as Vishnu or Sakthi.

But i would like to shed away the myth that Dark always represents "impure" or "Bad". Lets take word Krishna which means Dark Black Energitic. Under sun light he glows like Light Blue Sky, in Dark he Appears like dark space in deep night. This is the specaility of Sri Krishna. In the evenig he is like Shyama or Ash in color.

As you said it should be called Supreme enerny, however westerners will rename it soon. Also the Kundalini Energy refers Dark Energy. I feel it to be same as Dark energy which Nasa is researching. :)

۞ जयरामकृष्णन्हरी۞ ஜெயசத்குரு۞ ராதேகிருஷ்ணா said...

Shiva Linga is Usually Dark in color. Does it mean its impure? I rather feel Dark Black as beautiful an so pure compared to other colors. Because it represent nothing :) on which everything can be done. like the black board in class room, you can write any/everything in the board with the chack of ego.